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A Pagoda Grows

Phra Buddha Metta Mahachedi (Replica Bodhgaya) Construction Project


Rationale 原理说明

PhraBuddhaMettaMahaChedi模仿Bodhgaya Pagoda 位于印度的模型亚建造成且纪念及成就佛道。

这座宝塔,印度Bodhaya的复制塔兴建於Jampasi国土的WatWangplado(佛教徒兴旺的地方)。佛教徒不能够前往和崇拜位于印度的宝塔也一样可以于Wat Wangplado共修。这宝塔也可用来广修善行。

There are two floors of the pagoda: 这宝塔有两层。

Floor 1 is a place for monks, novices, lay devotees, female devotees, and people both Thais and foreigners who are interested in practicing dhamma.


Floor 2 is a place of Phra Buddha Metta Sawangrangsi (white jade rock) with 55-inch lap.


第二层是Phra Buddha Metta Sawangrangsi寺院。

The Buddha relics are kept in top of the pagoda. And the relics of the Arahants such as Phramokkala and Phrasaributra etc. are kept in the pagoda’s four angles.


It is, therefore, the pagoda has been constructed at this temple to express gratitude to the nation, to keep the Buddhism’s bright future, and to provide the Buddhists both Thais and foreigners with mental refuge.




1. To commemorate the place of enlightenment of the Perfect One, and to express gratitude to him. 纪念佛陀成佛和报佛恩。

2. To place Phra Buddha Metta Sawangrangsi (posture of a Buddha winning the Evil One carved with white jade rock) with 55-inch lap. 安置佛像(这尊白玉雕像代表佛陀赢取了邪恶)。

3. To keep the Buddha relics and Arahants’ relics collected from different countries. 以保存从不同国家的佛陀与罗汉施利

4. To provide the place for meditation practice of monks, novices, lay devotees, female devotees, and people who are interested in this practice.以方便佛教四众弟子

5. To repay the ancestors for their goodness of having held Buddhism as a national religion. 以偿还祖先。

6. To revive and keep Buddhism in Jampasi kingdom where was the prosperous land of Buddhism. 以复兴及佛教徒。

7. To perform Buddhist activities and to spread Buddhism. 以宣扬佛法.

8. To help the Buddhists who have no chance to go and worship at Bodhgaya pagoda or Phrasrimahabodhi tree in India can do this ritual activities at Wat Wangplado. And it is also the way to save the country’s economy. 以帮助一直前往印度修行的信众以便可以在这里完成。

9. To develop people in the community of having a high vision by devoting their physical energy, mental power, and assets to help the activities for public use and Buddhist merits. 以开发/接引众生修行佛法。

10. To make good relations between Sanghas and villagers in order to have participation in constructing a very important sacred place. 保持僧团及村民的良好关系。